The Team

James Glover CEng MIMechE

Managing Director

A naval architect and design engineer with over 20 years’ experience in automotive, motorsport and high speed marine craft design with technical skills focused around mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system design. 

Designed the Yan Engines Differential Stroke / Atkinson Cycle piston technology that increases the power density of 4 stroke engines and makes them more fuel efficient, taking the initial concept and developing it into a production suitable working test engine.

• 10 years experience commercial board experience
• Customers include Royal Navy, Australian Army, US DOD.
• Worked on Offshore Wind projects since 2015
• Product development and technical design

Greg Simmons MIMechE

Engineering Director

Engineering, management and leadership specialist, with 25+ years in the Automotive sector focusing on International Motorsport, Zero Emission Vehicles and Transport Infrastructure.

Starting Elektromotive Ltd in 2004 he built it from a start-up to be ranked European No.1 Clean-tech company manufacturing and operating charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles.

Now working with Lochard Energy to develop the next generation of environmentally friendly fuels for Hydrogen powered transport.

• 16 years experience commercial board experience
• Founded an electrical vehicle charging company in 2004
• Experience in roll out of Green Technology to marketplace
• Technical engineering and strategy policy

Terry Barber

Product Development Manager,
James Fisher Marine Services

Industry Operations Advisor

30 years experience in managing operations for the Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy sectors

Provides requirements of offshore wind operations to assisting the design team in producing the best results.

Andrew Knapp

Systems Interface Advisor

Over 25 years of experience with professional software. His clear, intuitive user interfaces and efficient, robust design benefits our system

Adam Pulley

Hardware Interface Advisor

A highly skilled electronic engineer with over 20 years’ experience designing hardware and software for medical, motion and monitoring systems. Adam has been designing offshore wind hardware with proven robustness for over 7 years.