The Future of Offshore Crew Transfer

Offshore Transfer Systems

Developing a motion compensating platform for use on the crew transfer vessels that ferry workers from the shore to wind turbines during construction and maintenance.

The Challenge

  • Waves and sea swell make the vessel move around
  • The bow of the boat is pushed against the turbine to make steady
  • Vessel impact damages turbine structure and foundations
  • Transfer must be abandoned if conditions are too severe

Daily Costs​

£ 0
CTV and crew to service wind turbine
£ 0
Revenue loss for inoperative wind turbine

The Opportunity

Investment in Offshore Wind industry is increasing rapidly, but sea conditions limit access to work sites, keeping costs high.

A 50% improvement in access will reduce the overall cost of energy production by 3%.

Our Solution

Motion Compensating Transfer Platform

  • Active hydraulic control keeps platform stationary
  • 4 degrees of freedom
  • Bow does not impact turbine
  • Allows vessel to absorb waves
  • Increases operations weather window

Offshore Transfer Systems

0 %
Increase in annual operation days
0 %
Increase in maximum bow motion